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Social Coding is participatory free software development that is inclusive to all people and focused on addressing real human needs. Ideation, design and development is a collective and social effort.

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Welcome to Social Coding Movement

This movement is dedicated to making free software development more social. We try to bridge the gap that exists between developers and the people they aim to serve, and also address the many challenges that the free software community faces. On this website you will find our:

If you are a first-time visitor we recommend you read Why we need Social Coding on our blog.

Follow CODE Principles

At the heart of Social Coding are four basic principles, and we adhere to them ourself:

  1. Community first: Collaborate with diverse people.
  2. Open is everything: Work entirely in the open.
  3. Democratic governance: Give everyone a voice.
  4. Educate and learn: Share your experiences freely.

How these principles translate to practices is part of the work we do. An ongoing effort.

Deliver true GEM’s

Three practices are key to the software that Social Coding practitioners strive to deliver:

  1. Grow affinity: Focus on people’s needs.
  2. Evolve the commons: Contribute to the common good.
  3. Monitor externalities: Carefully weigh your impact.

Social Coding Ecosystem

Ideation Hub

Forgefriends Community

Federated Diversity Foundation

Delightful Gems

The Delightful Project brings together a set of curated lists of the most delightful FOSS, Open Science and Open Data resources for other people to discover and enjoy. Anyone is free to host their own list on a theme of their interest, and become part of the project.

This website is crowdsourced. It can ALWAYS be improved. Contribute your thoughts.