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Join the movement and be a social coder

How we are organized

The Social Coding activities within our own community roughly revolve around three different tracks:

  1. Community: Passionate free software lovers that work together.
  2. Practitioners: Refine a methodology and collect best-practices.
  3. Supporters: Build a fediverse platform with helpful tools.

Community track

We want to gather a movement of fine people who think, act and feel to be Social Coders and want to propagate the field of Social Coding.

Practitioners track

We want to stimulate the methodology of Social Coding to evolve and be actively used in free software development by technologists and their audience (stakeholders).

Supporters track

We want to provide the supportive technology and tools to make social coding a fun and useful exercise for any technologist to adopt, as well as for the audience that is served by their work.

Where you can find us

You can participate with us in many different ways. Our main channels are:

  • Discussion: Discuss and elaborate relevant topics on our co-shared community forum.
  • Chat: Join the chatrooms in our Matrix space for some real-time talk.
  • Source code: Find our code repositories and issue trackers where you can contribute.
  • Fediverse: Follow our group account and find all its @mentions in your timeline.

Our ecosystem communities and projects also have their own contact points to interact directly.

Who are we?

The Social Coding movement is an initiative that was launched in December 2021 by:

We started discussing the ideas that you find on this website in the Fediverse Futures community on Lemmy. We copied the thread to our issue tracker: United Software Development: A New Paradigm?